Admin Control Panel
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Heads up! This is the legacy Admin Control Panel, which has been succeeded by the Admin Portal. The Admin Portal is significantly faster and more modern. This legacy interface will be disabled and removed soon.


How to prepare the import file:

  1. Download this import template.
  2. Open the template in a spreadsheet editor (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets).
  3. Starting with the second row, add one member per line.
  4. Export/save the file as a CSV file.

Things to note:

  • For the "Account Type" column, you can use any of .
  • The email address column is optional, but recommended. Without it, the member will only be a partial member.
  • Members with the same address and account type will be automatically grouped into the same account.
  • For importing, only one address can be specified per account; additional addresses can be added later.
  • For addresses in your community, only provide the street address and unit number (if applicable).
  • Addresses located in a different country than your community will need to be added after importing.

Need more guidance? Check out this handy help article.